The Dead Client historical background

Despite being a fast paced “pulp” yarn set in 1937, the historical roots of this Nazi- fighting yarn are deep, and accurate. In the second chapter, we meet Lily, the owner of a Chinatown Night Club that features a band playing swing music, and a floor show, Chinese decor, and of course booze. In fact, the first Chinese-American night club, which soon became Forbidden City, opened in 1936. It spawned a number of other clubs, which gave young Chinese-American kids a chance to show off their talents as singers, dancers, actors and actresses.

Readers who would like to explore the interesting personal histories and stories of the real members of the greatest generation who made history on stage in San Francisco, and beyond can do so in the well researched books by Arthur Dong and Trina Robbins. Collectors Weekly has an excellent website with many photos and interesting comments. .

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